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Pieceful Designs is dedicated to creating original quilt pattern designs to fulfill that creative quilting passion that has taken hold of so many of us, and for those of you who are just starting out. Whether you are new to quilting or are an old pro, we have something just for you. Our pattern inventory is ever growing with a wide variety of quilting designs from contemporary to traditional, small to big, and subdued to wild! Our trademark is our “Long and Short of It” series of patterns that produce a quick, easy, and affordable, yet impressive quilting project. Take a stroll though our website and enjoy!

dsc-4694.jpgWelcome to Pieceful Designs. My name is Pam Bocko. As long as I can remember I've been designing and creating things. My sewing experience started in my childhood with clothing construction and evolved through the years to quilting. In the early 1990's I decided to make a career change and earned my degree in Interior Design. What I learned about color, design principles and drafting I incorporated into my quilting. Before I knew it I was creating my own quilt designs and have been very lucky and honored to have won several competitions on both the local and national levels. I get my design ideas from everywhere: nature, architecture, even from a funny joke! My head is full of more designs than I can possibly put on paper. I drive my family crazy by relating everything to a quilt pattern, although I think they’re now hooked! It's from their encouragement that Pieceful Designs has evolved and I now share my designs with you. My goal is to create fun patterns for all levels of quilters and a look at Pieceful Designs website and enjoy!